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More About Funny Video Clips

I've seen a lot of clips across the web over the last few years. There's been just a few that have really captured my attention or made me fall down laughing. This isn't the kind of place where I post every funny video, but I hope to be able to share one or two really good ones. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

The cat clip is hilarious - it has a compilation of America's Funniest Home Videos-style movies that people sent in. I think it's actually better with the sound turned up ;-)

I don't know where this sweet ass card trick guy came from, but he's amazing. I dare you to find someone who can handle cards better than this person can. I wouldn't classify it as funny per se, but excellent just the same.

Whether you got here via a search engine or some link that said FunnyClips - welcome to the party.